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Default ANZAC Day...Celebrating What Exactly?

On April 25th 1915, a foreign invader landed ashore in Turkey. The usual suspects...English, Scottish, Irish and Australian mercenaries made up of the ignorent peasant class.

The British Empire was just making sure the Turkish Empire knew who was boss.

Of course to get people to fight you cant say you're a hit man for have to be rescuing women and children...or perhaps children who were having their hands cut off as the British propaganda arm was fond of saying.

In the end, through stuff up's and stupidity lots of people died.

A sound thrashing and embarassing retreat in the face of determined Turks defending their homeland was turned into a great victory! The triumph of the human spirit in the midst of thats good propaganda.

All this time on and I still have to be embarassed with hog wash/nationalistic crap...

If a large contingent of Turks landed in the North of Australia to knock us out of the war, would we let them build HUGE memorials to their dead and come over once a year by the thousands and show their respect by getting blind drunk? OF COURSE NOT!

But then the Turks enjoy the cash cow and in actual fact have more manners in their left toe nail than the average Australian tourist.

There is however a VERY small monument in Albany West Oz, of Atta Turk, celebrating the good relations between Australian and Turkish soldiers. Perhaps the ONLY thing to celebrate.

The Germans tried to get a small plaque put in on the West coast of Oz for some of their dead from a raider and were politely told to fuck off.

Ted Smout died recently. One of the last of the original ANZACS. In an interview he related the stupidity of fighting other peoples wars and wars in general.

It seems 90 years on, Australian's still dont get it. Apparently being well respected colonial mercs is preferable to having a foreign policy of your own.

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