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Default Re: The Great "HIV" Hoax

Originally Posted by Eye-Kon View Post
Agreed. AIDS/HIV is a very real disease. The whole conspiracy about how its a big scam to get people to buy pharma companys drugs and kill people with there drugs is just a way to confuse the masses. AIDS is actually a synthetic disease designed to kill blacks. It obviously kills whites as well just not nearly as fast. I think back in '01 blacks died in an average of 10 years from the disease while whites would usually live around 18-19 years with it. Rates are probably different now.

Now I'm not saying that some of the AIDS medicines aren't bad for people but there certainly not the cause of all the AIDS deaths in the world. I've known people with AIDS who never even took any medicine or changed there life style what so ever after getting the disease and they died horrible deaths with all sorts of AIDS symptoms, brown spots on face, losing weight, diarrhea, on going fevers etc. These people weren't drug addicts, or alcoholics heck some of them were even fitness trainers but they just slept with the wrong person. I watched their lives slowly slip away from them. Believe what you want to believe but AIDS is REAL.

Look up Boyd Graves on youtube and watch a few of his videos. He offers alot of very useful information on the disease, its nearly un-deniable at this point that it wasn't made in a labratory. The disease went from being only in monkeys to all of sudden jumping over to he human race. Even if someone did have sex with a monkey they wouldn't be able to catch a retro-virus from it no matter what. The virus was spliced so it could adapt to human blood. This is the reason they have false info all over the internet about how its not even a real disease. Its to confuse people so they don't end up finding the truth about this bio-weapon. Retro-Virus' don't just jump from one specie to another just like that.

Look up patent number 5676977. The cure for AIDS is sitting on the shelf. The cure has one known side effect which is that it puts alot of pressure on the liver, sometimes causing liver damage. But hey thats still alot better then dying from AIDS if you ask me. Also if you can find "Special Virus Cancer Program" on the net it will tell you AIDS was made in the labratory and everything. Wake the hell up people. This forum is garbage, filled with false info and moderators who just seem to spam the forums with 2 liners.
All of this is funny. First, I think your signature is pretty ironic. You do realize that it is making fun of conspiracy theorists? Anyway, it is pretty conclusive that HIV entered the human population somewhere around the turn of the century, with the latest date being about 1928. Seeing as we didn't have the technology to make virus' then, it would be a little hard for it to be man made.

Also, dont take too much stock in something just because it has a patent. The shelves at the patent office are full of perpetual motion machines, snake oil patents, and psuedo-science galore. There really isnt much of a vetting process for getting a patent. All you have to do is prove that it is an original idea or a substantial modification. You dont have to prove it works.

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