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Default Re: Was Christ A Mere Prophet Or God? Excellent Book On Subject.

One must do what one must do SAT.

I'm having trouble convincing people that the people who control finance control the world. That powerful people have other things than the public good on their mind and that sport really does not matter.

Trying to flesh out the deep meaning of a life lived for 33 years, 2000 years ago is hard work.

Especially when ur up against sport, beer and bikini's down here in Oz.

I try to live the truth and speak it. When people see your example they may ask motivations, inspirations etc...they are ALWAYS extremely surprised when I say the life of Christ.

What resonates deeply for me was that under the severest of penalties Christ continued to tell the truth to people who had a big interest in living a lie.

Whatever the arguments, he was at least that.
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