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Default Re: Zeitgeist Movie Refuted

Leonardo - hi im new to this, i hope your well?

I watched the first 10min video there and decided not to watch the rest due to time constraints and the fact that the first part seems to have flaws. The initial question asked, 'Was christianity created for social control?' I waited patiently for the answer only to be disappointed to fine the video purely skirted around point at hand. Or was the answer- listen to the word of god, not the word of man? Surely that means there never ever can be a logical arguement made against god - by man! So before I even waste my time watching the further videos I know this isn't an open-minded debate but more of a, 'god is almighty - get used to it' brainwashing video.

I'll just lay my cards down here, I'm an atheist. I was brought up catholic but around the time I realised santa claus didn't exist, god soon followed. My main point to you (and other theists I debate with) is how can there be so many faiths, with each believing they are the 1 truth faith yet only 1 can be right logically (if any)? That was probably the main reason I stopped believing. How do you explain this?
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