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Default Re: Fake Illuminati Pyramid Schem and Initiation - Beware!

After reviewing the terms of service, once again, I conclude as I have heretofore, that there exists no language in the terms of service forbidding me from sharing a link with readers and users of these forums.

Many other forum members share websites and their own personal sites within their signatures. This is neither spam nor is it unwarranted solicitation as committed by spam bots.

In the terms of service and the About Club Conspiracy section, one of the major focuses of Club Conspiracy is the sharing of data, information, and links. I have and will continue to do so for the sake of the community and the further reading of all in order to bolster education and intelligence among our group forums. This is that we may have a reasonable, logical, well educated and vigilant forum community equipped with reasoning skills to combat the propaganda of the Illuminati change agents.

I need no further defense of my signature. The data and facts speak for themselves. And if Blue Angel continues to have a problem with either myself, my writings, my links shared, or any other forum members with whom I am associated then I consider that a matter of her own prerogative and resolve to drop the matter entirely.

Now, as far as I am concerned, this matter is adjorned and abrogate en toto.
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