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Default Re: Zeitgeist Movie Refuted

Originally Posted by Leonardo View Post
I agree, CS.

The Refutation of Zeitgeist is very poorly done by a group of half-educated, doctrinally errant protestants (sound like Southern Baptists to me).

However, the Refutation does make a few needed points countering the utterly absurd and ridiculous claims of Zeitgeist itself.

I wish there were a more erudite refutation of Zeitgeist, because the net needs it badly. Unfortunately, until that arrives we will simply have to search for nuggets of gold in the Refutation. There are a few.

There was nothing wrong with Zeitgeist. They stated the FACTS about religion. Something all religious people ignore completely. It went on to show the history of the US and how things weren't at all what they seemed. It covered the fallacy with the FED... which IS true. The only thing that was not true/bogus was the end, which was more of a prediction rather than being a true position for argument.

All in all, Zeitgeist two is out. It covers different things in a plan to "fix" it all. Haven't watched it yet but I'm sure it's chock full of novel ideas.
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