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Default Re: Fake Illuminati Pyramid Schem and Initiation - Beware!

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Your signature is a link to Amazon.

This forum, as far as I know it, does not receive compensation from Amazon for advertising space.

That is correct.

Originally Posted by BlueAngel
In addition:

6. Usage Rules.

We reserve the right to deny you access to any and all parts of this Site and suspend or terminate your account, for any reason or no reason, and at our sole discretion. The following rules shall govern your conduct regarding the use of the Site.
That is also correct.

Therefore, as you can see, I have violated no part of the terms of service.

If you are compelled to ban me, simply know that you are banning me for no reason. If/when you do so, you will certify in my mind that Club Conspiracy is now nothing less than a New World Order propaganda and re-education outlet online.

I have been a loyal contributor and supporter of CC since late 2004. But if this is now how the site will be run, and of all persons by a one time resistance supporter Blue Angel, who has now obviously sold her soul to the NWO, then I want no part of it and will defame, expose it anywhere I go and everywhere I am able on the Internet.

Thank you.

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