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Default Re: The Family Guy SICK FOX Show

Originally Posted by zacatecas View Post
Is this clever or stupid? You make your choise, i make mine. And even if you thought it was clever, in my experience i can find many things clever which have no substance or beauty in them. Just like sugar is sweet but eating it isn't good for you.

i've never yet seen a sit-com that i could stomach (and this isn't because of christian morality, because i have none of that - but i might have a semblance of taste). For example, Married with Children? Funny, i admit, it's funny. But i don't think it takes mankind to a decent honourable direxion. i have no use for it in my life however funny it might be. i doubt the writer's could or would write anything with honourable content that would uplift the viewers - the same with Family Guy. Then again, television absolutely is not needed for anything really.

You sir, miss the entire point of married with children. It's a satire comedy of what poor/lower class married life is like. If anything, it's a constant reminder to do better in life, not only that but almost every episode covers some sort of "moral" dilemma. Al, always does the moral thing at the end. The point is that even when your down on your luck you can still be a good person.

It emphasized that point. It being funny was just the "pull" if you will to make the show entertaining as well as delivering it's message.

I don't watch TV much either. I do love good comedy and movies.... but TV is filled with trash.

Out of the 900 channels I have -- I watch Dexter, Family Guy, Lost and Heroes.

All representing something different entirely, but all with equally clever writing.

TV is no different than any other form of entertainment. It's still a time sink, but good television has the viewer walking away with some sort of lesson learned. After all, intelligence is key, and comes in many platforms -- why should TV be doomed?

The internet has much more trash than knowledge, yet intelligent users use it for knowledge. TV is no different.


There is no "x" in direction.

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