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Default Re: Pop Music Lyric Interpretation Thread: What they really mean.

Wow. Really?

First thing is first, strippers = High tax bracket. Which means 0 to no credit debt. It also means the ability to travel, and it secures work where ever in the world you decide to go. It's really not a bad job, if she has control over her sexuality. Almost no strippers will leave the club with you. Not unless you pay them LARGE and/or they genuinely like you.

Secondly, they aren't promoting babies. They are promoting sex, which doesn't correlate in a society that promotes safe sex/abstinence.

Third, no where does timbaland promote being poor. What he is promoting is anti-gold diggers. You don't have to be with some one you don't love just because they get paid good. He is promoting love for love by using an example of being poor.

No rich guy can't succeed in getting a super hot g/f even if they are obese and old. No matter how good of a person you are, if you are broke... generally you are over looked. He's promoting love for being love.

""Baby, it's alright, now you ain't gotta floss for me
If we go there, you can still touch my love, it's free
We can work without the perks, just you and me
Thug it out 'til we get it right""

Take this verse right here. She is saying you don't have to blow all your money for me, if we decided to be intimate -- it has nothing to do with your money, it has nothing to do with benefits, it has only to do with just you and me.

It's quite clear. It's a message saying money doesn't always bring happiness.... but love should. It has nothing to do with politics at all, what so ever.

Get a clue.

Brainwashing? I doubt it, if you see the stark contrast to the message you got out of the song, and the message I got out of the song. It's obviously open to interpretation, and I highly doubt anybody would interpret it negatively and then actually allow it to effect their life. The subconscious isn't some sort of magical encryption cypher, it's more minor decisions that don't require thought... instinct really. In order for it to have the effects you claim it's trying to have, it would have to be much more direct, much more positive, and would still require conscience thought about it.

People here are absolutely bat shit crazy.

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