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Default Re: SVALI: An Illuminati Defector's Story

Here is why Svali's story is intriguing to me.

It was in late 2001 or early 2002 if memory serves I was volenteering in a Gospel Mission in Texas along with the Ministry Department of my university.

I have no details concerning Svali. I don't know what she looks like or who she is. But a strange thing happened one Sunday.

There was a woman, red hair, about 45 years old as I would estimate, who told me that she was fleeing from a cult in California. The woman seemed sincerely distraught and in need of help. I refered her to the head of the mission but talked to her for a while outside.

She told me that she was fleeing from a lucifer cult in southern California. I couldn't prove it, and I really don't even know all the details of Svali's story, but ever since I ran across Svali speaks, I've always wondered if that woman I saw that day was her..

Don't know. Guess I never will. It just makes me curious.
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