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Default Re: The Family Guy SICK FOX Show

Originally Posted by Laokin View Post
I'm sure that if I watch family guy and I interpret Brian as being more human then the rest of the family, that some how subconciously I'm going to take that lesson to real life and crave animal love.

I'm positive that's going to happen.

/sarcasm off.

It's people who read into things like this that generally have a genuine moral dilemma on their hands. For instance, a person who was intrigued by bestiality but shuns his own will because it's "wrong" is the likely candidate for people making the correlation into bestiality as you have. Much like homophobes are most likely to actually be homosexual. It's a subconscious defensive mechanism to try to "fit in" and be normal.

Sir, I believe you just stepped out of the proverbial beast loving closet. (nothing wrong with that by the way, just don't hurt the animals.)

Also, if you are going to read into the bestiality bit, then why aren't you reading into the fact that Brian is one of two talking dogs on that show. The other one being his cousin, who happens to be gay in Hollywood. Does this mean that all dogs are gay in hollywood?!?! Only talking dogs are gay in hollywood? Or it means nothing, because dogs can't talk?

I'm going to go with "what is nothing, because dogs can't talk... final answer BA."

Oh and here lemme fix something for ya,

There, all fixed now.

You can't control the mind of the person that doesn't allow you to. Hence, the implementation of fluoride.
You didn't fix anything by adding words to my comment.

As I said.

Television is their most effective mind control tool and my comment was the following:

"Better than allowing it to enter my subconscious mind unintentionally as they desire for the rest of the folks who watch the show."

Operative word would be "DESIRE."

I never implied that YOU would take that LESSON, as you call it, into real life and crave animal love.

I said:

This is what they desire for the rest of the folks who watch the show.


Operative word would be "DESIRE."

We are products of our environment.

When YOUNG PEOPLE, in particular, are subjected to SPECIFIC acts over and over again, MANY can be CONDITIONED to accept these acts as NORMAL and programmed to behave in the same way.

Mind control upon society is a slow process.

It doesn't happen all at once.

Repetition is KEY.
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