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Default Re: Fake Illuminati Pyramid Schem and Initiation - Beware!

Leonardo said:

That is also correct.

I don't need you to verify that what I have posted is correct.

Therefore, as you can see, I have violated no part of the terms of service.

Maybe not, but the forum reserves the right to ban any member without reason and/or cause.

If you are compelled to ban me, simply know that you are banning me for no reason.

See above.

If/when you do so, you will certify in my mind that Club Conspiracy is now nothing less than a New World Order propaganda and re-education outlet online.

If you are banned, you say that would constitute, in your mind, that CC is nothing less than a NWO propaganda. As you have stated, your opinion about CC doesn't matter except in your own mind. Couldn't agree more.

I have been a loyal contributor and supporter of CC since late 2004. But if this is now how the site will be run, and of all persons by a one time resistance supporter Blue Angel, who has now obviously sold her soul to the NWO, then I want no part of it and will defame, expose it anywhere I go and everywhere I am able on the Internet.

Your threats are of no consequence to me or anyone else.

As a Moderator of this forum, I am here to remove spam from the site and perform other functions to ensure that the site performs optimally. Nothing more and nothing less.

Many times, members of CC provide links to sites within their posts that contain information related to the subject matter of this forum and these links, sometimes, contain advertisements.

These links, however, are not contained in their signature.

You, however, provide a continuous link to Amazon in your signature which is a retail book store and unrelated to the subject matter of this forum.

Keep the title of the book in your signature, if you so desire, but remove the link to Amazon.

Change your signature picture or you will be banned.

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