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Default I Feel Safe Already !

I Feel Safe Already – :-o :-o :-o

Don't You Feel Safer Already?
"The good news is, they are now confiscating all cigarette lighters at the airport. In the name of safety. In the name of homeland security. In the name of America, apple pie, babies, puppies, Jesus and guns. Lighters are now forbidden on all air travel. I mean, thank God. I feel safer already."

Article From: San Francisco Chronicle

I feel safer since the twin towers fell at the speed of gravity & no one can explain why, since this only happens on planned building demolitions. I feel safe, since no one w/ a mind cares to explain why this happened.

I feel safer since they took my nail scissors at the airport.

I feel safer every time I take my shoes off at the airport & walk barefoot on their dirty floor. It makes me feel safe to carry someone else’s DNA, dirt, bacteria, & whatever else is on that floor, for the duration of the flight, on the bottom of my feet. Safe & clean.

I feel safe since the "Free Trade Agreement" has generated more corporate profits than any other scheme ever created, while reducing the number of available jobs in US at an exponential rate. Almost everyone I know has been affected.

I feel safe that our gas prices are so ridiculously high. I feel safe that some rich dude is getting richer because of this. Hey better them, than some other rich dude in a far away land. If that makes you feel safer, I say “Hey, feel safe.” It makes me feel safe you don’t understand the difference.

I feel safe since all of my hard earned taxes & all of my savings went to pay for all of this safety.

Freedom is to understand, & to be unbounded by that Freedom -
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