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Default Re: Aspartame and water Fluoridation

Originally Posted by Eye-Kon View Post
You don't ingest tooth paste. However, alot of people do ingest tap water and some bottled waters. Try googling fluoride.. it will come up with thousands of pages on how fluoride is a poison.

Fluoride is a poison in high doses.

For instance.

I ingested a GLOB of toothpaste the other day, which I've never done before.

On the back of the tube, it said to call poison control if swallowed.

I did.

They asked for my weight and age.

All was okay.

When brushing your teeth, one is supposed to apply only a "pea-sized" shape of paste onto the brush and not a line of paste from bristle to bristle.

You are wrong.

We ingest a small amount of toothpaste which contains FLOURIDE each time we brush our teeth.

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