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Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
As you say, you are not a DEMOLITION EXPERT, but a former COMBAT ENGINEER with some experience in demolitions.

So, this brings me back to your claim to know all about ROCKET SCIENCE because your father worked for Martin Marietta.
Set up strawmen much, BA? Yes, I do understand basic physics, so to you that makes me a rocket scientist. I paid for my degree blowing up minefields and cutting the barrels off tanks in Iraq with explosives, but to you that makes it seem like I am claiming to be a DEMOLITIONS EXPERT? No, but I do have some idea as to the scope of the task I asked about, which is why it seems like it would be awfully difficult to rig all of the cutting charges required, not to mention fishing det-cord all over the place to set them off, without anyone noticeing. Unless they have somehow figured out to do a controlled demolition without having to resort to blocks of C-4 actually touching superstructure.

Oh...and please quote me where exactly I claimed to know ALL about rocket science. My guess is that you know ALL about ding dongs.
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