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Originally Posted by iHIMself™ View Post

Actually, there are witness testimonies that account for high level security personnel, along with what were thaught to be tradesmen, frequently entering and exiting the buildings core interior, for an approximate two month period prior to 911.
Were they bringing a lot of wooden crates into the building too? Mind you this was only a thumbnail sketch but I did a sample demo calculation on cutting 32 beams, one cut per floor, over only 6 floors, and came up with 4,800 lbs of C4 required, 5,400 of thermite, or nearly 10,000 of TNT. Obviously these numbers are in the keeping of reality. It IS possible to bring two and a half tons of explosive in without anyone noticing, and I am sure a trained expert could halve the amount of explosive needed just with improved location and tamping. However, still seems like there would be a lot of rigging being done in tight spaces where people are going to notice you banging around.
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