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Default Re: SVALI: An Illuminati Defector's Story

I think Svali is safe. I think she's in hiding, though. I mean like 'bunkered' down hiding.

I'm not sure she realizes how much she has helped the Resistance with information concerning the Family. We at least have a short list of ways and means they use. She has also helped de-sensationalize the issue and take the discussion into the realm of reality instead of fanatical fantasy land. I do pray for her. As I pray for all those attempting to escape from this spiderweb that calls itself an Order.

What bothers me about Svali is not her, but all the dumb questions she gets asked. Why didn't anyone ever ask her anything REALLY important. Like NAMES, DATES, LOCATIONS, WHO, WHEN, WHAT, WHY, and WHERE?

It's always framed in nebulous, sensational questions like 'How SCARED were you, Svali?' 'How did the ritual FEEL, Svali? What horrors did you SEE and HEAR, Svali? What rubbish!

Are any one these questions useful at all? Maybe to a tabloid, but they are useless to the true Conspiracy Researcher looking for EVIDENCE.

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