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Post Re: Zeitgeist & The Venus Project

Originally Posted by boomer View Post
Probably, I didn't explaine myself in a right way. My point, in fact, is the following:
I DO completely agree 100% with what was shown to us in both movies, and I don't believe in relegions we are offered in such variety to us *but I do believe in God, but not like a church describes it to us). I completely agree that communism (and resource based system it is) can be reached through either socialism or capitalism ... it will be just another change in society (like a transition from imperialism to democracy) .... that's ok. But now, people are not ready yet to make this step. However, some including me would of course try to live in such system but it can not be obtained in a peaceful way accoridn to the "power elite" theory, power elite holds the main part of the resources and power and will do anything to keep it. Moreover, the movie looks just like another new age movies "What the bleep do we know?" where after presenting well proved and reasonable points, at the end they try to promote (market) their product wheather a membership in a sect or real estate one..... like in this case.
In order to change a system and bring new ideas, one doesn't build houses for sale saying there is another world (unfortunatelly it's no quite there yet) .... but creates political movements, educates people and tries to convince them to vote for that new sipirt group so that democratically we would come to the golden age, or resource-based economy. Here, I don't see a clear program except building a community where people would shre common ideas, but still be dependant on the monetary economy. No governemnt will allow THEM to access all resources they need for an idependent existance. So, for now the idea is utopic and the way they try to bring into life looks just like a scam ..... Who of the political leaders was building their own country within an existing one without fearing that an existing government can easiloy destroy such community. Revolutions are done wfrist in minds, then through peaceful or violent means, but not through SELLING houses to the followers. *However, the idea is a very good cover for such enterpreneuers).
I am pro change, but against scammers! SO if there any way of changeing thins world - I am in, but I refuce to buy property for 500,000 dollars.!
The real problem with communism is that it makes three invalid assumptions that cannot be reconciled with the facts of the real world.

1. It assumes that mankind can somhow be perfected, so that an individual will work just as hard for a stranger as he will for himself.

2. It assumes that innovation will continue apace even without motivation to do so.

3. It assumes production but stifles the capital creation and investment aspects of an economy that make production both fruitful and efficient.

Ideas like the Venus Project certainly sound good on paper, but in practice are wholly unsustainable. I may someday be surprised, but its a long shot at best.
If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the precipitate.
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