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Default Re: Zeitgeist & The Venus Project

Originally Posted by revolution60 View Post
zeitgeist IS the true answer

the whole problem with society is money, a resourced based economy would bring almost utter utopia to this planet. The technology and science is here for powering the planet COMPLETELY FREE, FOOD= PLENTIFUL AND FREE, HOUSING=PLENTIFUL AND FREE. everyone has access to the same information, technology, and all secrets of the universe are released, there would be no reason to hide anything from any of the worlds population because money is not involved, there is nothing to gain personally, and nothing to lose personally.

what IS gained is cures for all diseases, end of virtually 90% of any crimes that exist, complete planetary peace, and total understanding of the earth and everything it has to offer to continually better society.

remember, this has already been experienced, thousands of years of peace and total prosperity, way before our time, then of course we all see what happened.

and the topics of zeitgeist debunked around the internet, well for one sir alex jones was one who was claiming "debunked"

hmm.. i wander why? him, Ron Paul, Charlie Sheen, they seem to be getting pretty chummy together. alex has also starting to receive some "major" media exposure. He gets angry when people mention zionists, hes married to a jew, has jew friends, and honestly he looks like a piece of shit government agent

I think Ron Paul has been put there to "woo" all the rebels and truthers, give them yet another glimmer of "hope" a backup plan, just in case.
When exactly were these "thousands of years of peace and prosperity"?
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