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Default Re: US Casualties: An Email From US Soldier Stationed At Abu Ghraib Prison

Remember...just because American journalists are to scared to leave the hotel room in the green zone does'nt mean other's ar'nt (actually i dont blame them).

Iraq is roughly 1/3 Kurd to the North and peaceful except for car bombs probably set off by Sunni's from the South...Israel is in their hand over foot buying up property and generally rubbing there hands with glee...oooooo so close to the Euphrates boys! Almost there, just a few million more Arabs to get rid of.

The Shit'es to the South are also peaceful except for the occasional car bomb probably set off by Sunni's from the North.

The ENTIRE country is NOT one big conflageration but isoloated mainly to the central Sunni areas of the country.

The Sunni's have alot to lose. The Shit'es a fair bit to gain and the Kurds are just plain over the moon with ecstatic joy.

The casualty reports by any measure are reasonable. I dont doubt their is some form of suppression of numbers. How much...? Simply look over the figures from insurgencies in the past.

It would not take much to get an accurate figure by contacting families. A little money? I hear John Kerry has a few left over shekles from the campaign and the Left could do come on Left! Put up or shut up...get out and get the real numbers!

Think about would be hard to keep the figures suppressed and certainly easy for some one with the cash to do some investigating of their own...i hear they have a free media in the U.S? Maybe they could help? :-P

As for the Arab sites? The vast majority are run by Western intelligence agencies.

Sometimes it pays to read one of those things called b-o-o-k-s. Read the history of casualty numbers. 15,000 is the low end of Russian wave attack territory ala Eastern Front. Not a snow balls chance.

We might not want to replace the bullshit of the Western media with bullshit from the Arab media which in the end is probably Western in origen.

In the end Bush needs the insurgency. Without it? Well, i guess the parade through the "canyon of hero's" can begin.

If the Sunni's are smart they'll back off. Shake hands and grit their teeth.

Accept the fact that the West will not be going away so make friends and smile. Take a leaf out of Ghandi's book and with in a few years U.S forces will have to leave...public pressure gaurantee's it.

Although...there may be a country in the region who would prefer another scenario. This country is financing many groups as they finance there own enemies at home.
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