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Originally Posted by Duke02 View Post
Squalene is a petrochemical that is the base of the vaccine. It has been proven to be the cause of the Gulf War Syndrome. There are 1,000 times more Squalene in this flue vaccine.

Squalene literally burns out the immune system.
Squalene is a natural and vital part of the synthesis of cholesterol, steroid hormones, and vitamin D in the human body.

There have been attempts to link squalene to Gulf War Syndrome. One study found that deployed Persian Gulf War Syndrome patients are significantly more likely to have antibodies to squalene (95 percent) than asymptomatic Gulf War veterans (0 percent; p<.001); however, the study concludes with the following statement: "It is important to note that our laboratory-based investigations do not establish that squalene was added as adjuvant to any vaccine used in military or other personnel who served in the Persian Gulf War era." A later study reported that many humans have squalene antibodies in their blood, regardless of whether or not they received squalene from a vaccination.

The World Health Organization and the US Department of Defense have both published extensive reports that clearly state that squalene was not present in any vaccines (Anthrax or otherwise) given to soldiers during the Gulf War, and emphasize that squalene is a chemical naturally occurring in the human body, present even in oils of human fingerprints. WHO goes further to explain that squalene has been present in over 22 million flu vaccines given to patients in Europe since 1997 and there have never been any reported adverse reactions. Both WHO and the US DoD conclude that squalene is completely safe.
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