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Default Re: 10 Things The Government Does Not Want You To Know About Swine Flu (H1N1) Vaccine

Originally Posted by iHIMself™ View Post
squalene is not safe. Neither is inducing your body with ANY known chemical or mineral naturally produced within the body. Living forms evolve. If you induce your body with testosterone, for example, the body will eventually STOP producing it naturally, because there is no necessity. Once you STOP inducing yourself, your body will NOT produce testosterone again. It will continue to expect the inducement externally.
This is very evident in psychotic patients who are prescribed with chemicals, so-called 'imbalanced' in the brain. They will be dependant on these drugs for the rest of their lives. And they cannot have children without also the need for these drugs. Just like coke babies. Except it's not an addiction, it is an absolute necessity in order for the body to function normally. Or 'so-called' normally.
If you're going to play god with the human body, be prepared for generations. Most babies today are born to at least 2 injections of 'vaccines', preventative or otherwise. And then more throughout childhood. Without them, the children may die, or be prone to serious diseases. 'So-called' anyway.
The human body is perfect the way it is. And if it isn't, then it's probably come up with a perfect solution to the problem already.
Quite the rambling stream of consciousness there. Life expectancies in the developed world continue to climb, while the same is not true in the developing world. The reason for this is simple: those of us in the developed world have access to modern medicine and pharmacology, while others do not. It is a gross overstatement to say the human body is perfect the way it is: often it needs help to survive.

If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the precipitate.
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