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Default Re: Orchestrated Flu Pandemics

Originally Posted by albie View Post
I've yet to hear a good reason to kill us off. Unless the Illuminati really are scared of climate change.
because they would profit from all of it

this has been going on for centuries and centuries, they build the pyramid scheme, when the building is done and the money has dried up, they create scenarios, cause chaos, kill off people, and they profit from all of it.

if they didn't do it, they could not sustain their pyramid

the reason every one is scared of a very massive pandemic is because their are so many people inhabiting the earth now and this has become very overwhelming for the elite,

in other words our needs are actually starting to cut into their profits and wealth because there are so many now, and we all know what happens to pyramid schemes once the money dries up and the con artist would lose out on continuing it....

the reality is you are living in just one big pyramid scheme, almost everything around you is a part of it, dont you see that? money is not real AT ALL. it should not even exist.

we can power the entire earth FREE AND CLEAN, Free plentiful housing for everyone, Clean water for everyone. The technology that could have existed if not for money would astonish anyone.

money is a farse, it always has been, there is absolutely no need for money in a real society.

what you call civilization right now is not a civilization, IT'S DISGUSTING VOMIT

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