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Default Re: The end of oil is closer than you think

I'm seriously thinking of writing a book.

I'm going to call it..."The Parties Over: Australia's Decent Into Chaos At The End Of The Age Of Beer".

I'll use nothing but my own made up references and dubious professional qualifacations.

I'll pull numbers out of thin air and make up the whackiest theories of beer production decline I can think of.

I'll wear a suit and put on my most serious 'impartial' professional face...also known as..."my serious face".

When some bum in thongs and board shorts gets on the telly saying..."no way cobber! There aint no beer shortage! I make me own in me distiller out the back mate...come have a gander..." I'll burst forth and cry..."this man does not have a university degree and cannot be trusted...he lies"...the media will agree and move on leaving said beer swilling bum shrugging his shoulders and swigging his cheaply made beer batch...he will be dealt with later and will be found drowned in his beer vat which has amazingly transmorgified into a "Methamphetamine Lab" that he used to finance terrorist activities and sell to paedophiles...and he smelled.

With the reputation of these unqualified fools trashed I will move onto Oprah and Dr Phil to spread the word and finally announce to these greedy Americans that there heady days of V8 granny shopping cars are over! Get used to bean curd and lentils fools!...and walking! Of course the Elite will require chauffers to drive them about to supervise the new "Brain Wave Pattern Alteration Communes" so some will still get to drive...after they get their brain implants...which i arrogantly conclude is what ANYONE has installed if they believe "Peak Oil" after reviewing the available literature on the Abiotic Origens of Oil.

I urge just ONE reader to go through Dave Macgowns site... and read "deep Hot Biosphere" by Thomas Gold.

There is a TON more stuff available on the web and I believe English translations of the original Russians work.

Is the Abiotic Origens Of Oil theory perfect? NO. Compared with "Fossil Fuel" it is a symphony of beautiful truth...knock, knock..."who could that be? Why it's a group of gentleman in black with ski masks...hmmmm...perhaps they are peddlers of fine artistic wares...why i'll just open the door to them i gues..." 8-)
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