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Default Re: The Talmud what a Lovely Book!

Originally Posted by The Pious One View Post
some of the quotes suggested come from texts that do not even exist!
Could you be specific? Which ones are made up according to you?

Originally Posted by albie View Post
Of course not, these are old quotes put out by the KKK years ago. They're bullshit or wildly distorted.
Why would the KKK come up with fake quotes when there's enough real anti-gentile rubbish in the Talmud already? Some time ago I verified a handful of anti-gentile Talmud quotes at a Jewish source and those happened to be genuine.

Originally Posted by albie View Post
A demonstration that many conspiracy nuts are racist morons.
I doubt morons are more common among racists than among anti-racists or among so-called "conspiracy theorists" than among so-called "sceptics". Idiocy tends to be spread fairly equally.

Further, I've seen deliberate misquotes of Hitler by anti-Nazi sources and deliberate distortions by anti-"conspiracy theorists". Misquotes and distortions are definitely not specific for racists and "conspiracy theorists". In fact, in my experience they are FAR MORE COMMON among anti-racists and anti-"conspiracy theorists".
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