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Default Re: Orchestrated Flu Pandemics

windmill power, ocean wave power, solar power , your surrounded by it every day you walk outside!

the technology exists to power the entire planet for free and pollution free, yet here we are still struggling day by day, and destroying the planet at the same time.

it's sad to see even some conspiracy theorists would argue about money not even existing.

what is it you do not understand?

money constricts everything in society. nothing gets done without money in this system, that means if you need house, medical needs, food, water, everything about survival costs money, which you have to slave away for the elite to attain, and THEN even still be struggling with what they pay you LOL

If money did not exist, and everyone "chipped in" even in the smallest way, the entire world is changed. in fact, sick, elderly, they are taken care of as well, even if they can not participate.

total scientific exploration of the planet, all secrets unlocked, all intelligent uses of this knowledge to continually better society.

Money was the absolute WORST invention to society on a UNIVERSAL scale

it is just a slave tool. it's fake, and almost everything it buys is fake!

What you experience as reality right now, is not how it was supposed to be! You were born "into" this, that's why it seems like reality to you, you simply know nothing else.

that is why you question conspiracy logic at all!

we can create and run cars for free and clean! power the entire earth free and clean! housing for everyone, food for everyone, clean water, and much more, the possibilties are endless! the technology, creativity, and experimenting have been constricted throughout all of time!

Money is the single and only reason they continue to stay in control, if you care to argue with this, then i suggest you rethink your logic, and actually kick back and think about a society without money, just think about it for a while and go through the scenarios of "how could it work"

trust me, you will soon realize.

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