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Default 1918 Spanish Flu a Biological Warfare Agent?


Was the 1918 Spanish 'Flu a biological warfare agent?

The proof:

1. The virus broke out while the First World War was still raging.

2. It was soldiers who first got the disease.

3. Many at the time blamed the outbreak on the German military who were accused of spreading the virus in an effort to win the war.

4. It was Allied soldiers who first got the disease.

5. When Germans soldiers eventually also started to succumb to the virus, the German surrender came pretty swiftly.

6. Chemical weapons were first used during the First World War, were biological weapons used also?

7. It is estimated that more people died as a result of the Spanish 'Flu than died as a direct result of the fighting in the whole of WWI. Did this single fact subsequently influence the almost universal global ban on biological weapons?

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