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Default Re: The Talmud what a Lovely Book!

Originally Posted by The Pious One View Post
one of the quotes not in this thread but in another state that it is perimitable to marry a 3 year old girl.... i have seen this passage in the real talmud and in hebrew it says "if a 3 year old were to be raped would she remain a virgin?" this could have been purposly mis translated from hebrew to greek than from greek to english as we have seen before with isiah saying a virgin but in hebrew it says a young woman..
That's one example. What about the others?

The mis-translation of the Latin word "Virgo" and it's Greek or Hebrew equivalents into "virgin" instead of "maiden" or "girl" is indeed a common mistake. I'm pretty sure it's the same mistake Catholics made when they called Jesus' mother a virgin...
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