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Default Re: CIA still witholds JFK assassination docs

This situation worries me greatly. For one thing if they release these documents it would most definitely expose anti Castro patriots. I have no doubt the CIA did wrong to some degree. The question is how do we bring the bad men to justice without hurting national security.

You mentioned the Iran/contra scandal so I have to put in my two cents and hope for interest. First I have no problem with funneling money to fight communism or terrorism. I think we have to find legal ways to do this.

If we keep doing things stupidly we only hurt ourselves some of my ideas on stupidity in the government.

My personal views on the Kennedy assassination is that he made statements against freemasonry. These guys are the best at throwing suspicion everywhere for every action they do. I grew up with many members of my family that were freemasons. So I speak from experience.

1) untie the hands of the military and CIA. But only if they can show they will behave and fight like the honest untouchable good guy.
2) don't put so much pressure on them for results when they can only be achieved through ideotic measures like torture and overbearing psywar ops.
This can only be done with enough troops and support, and then it will be hard.
3) I have a real big problem with torture (not that I wouldn't be tempted to beat the living snot out of Ossama if I got my hands on him) but I will do my best to never support such a matter. Killing him in battle or arresting him is good enough for me.
4) As fighters to rid our government of this ideocy we must recognize there are issues with every clandestine operation that if all records are exposed it would expose something that would hurt national security ie names of agents and more important their families.
5) If we support the ideas of the death penalty or torture in an imperfect society we support killing or torturing the wrong person eventually.
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