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Default Re: The end of oil is closer than you think

Ha was an attempt at humour to point out in my own little mind that Peak Oil and Fossil Fuel is a joke because it is so obviously transparent.

The fact is a bloke with no education but a bit of common sense can work it out.

There last big scam was back in the early 70's. Then they claimed that a few nasty, basically, third world countries had ganged up on the defensless West to rip them off their petro dollars...which the nasty, basically third world countries were kind enough to re-invest in Wall Street and other hidey holes of the rich and shameless.

Add to that they claimes the evil O'Nassis had hoarded all the oil tankers and was'nt letting them out to play...the poor West was helpless!!!! Oh the pain, oh the, help cried the powerless bankers and Wall Street La De Da set...we are so helpless against this giant powerhouse of basically third world countries called OPEC...snigger, snigger...

I just heard another "expert" say with a straight face (presumably a few are catching on and they need new excuses for the oil price)..."oh it's not just Peak Oil...there is'nt enough refining space and there ar'nt enough oil tankers"...

I mean they've done it again!!!! I would have stopped at one as surely you would'nt get away with it again. But hey, it seems i underestimated the "sucker" market place. How long are our memories...that of Gold fish?

I mean they "forgot" to build more refineries. Yes, thats right, 2 million spread sheets and multi billion dollar forward estimates departments but they forgot to build more capacity into the system? Oooops...i guess the oil companies just ar'nt interested in making too much money.

I refuse to be suckered again. The evidence is simple and overwhelming. Oil is EVERYWHERE in large quantities.

Do i want to continue spilling large volumes of crap into the air...N-O. But the public is being led down the garden path to somewhere they may not want to go...while we await the spectacular and sexy mushroom cloud over Washington, it just may be a simple economic collapse brought on by the oil price is all that they need.

Boring but effective.

BTW...I believe a European started buying large quantities of cheap Russian sludge and refining it himself quite cheaply. Unfortunately, before he could enjoy lowering the price and raking in a few shekles he was found dead in an icy European river...suicide know how it is.

Will find the article.

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