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Default Re: David Ickes Reptilians

Originally Posted by albie View Post
And you don't see other things? Like little elves and cartoon characters? I had a friend who was mentally ill who would see all kinds of things. He even saw me once, floating up his staircase and saying the word "Bernard". I have to admit that I do believe in the supernatural and have experienced it often. Some time later that word "Bernard" made complete sense.

I see into the future all the time. But I have never seen a reptile.

I guess this admission kind of weakens my stance as a debunker.
Hey, I'm not asking you to believe me. You asked a question so I answered it. Its less logical to totally dismiss the theory of reptilians being here on this planet with us, than it is to consider it. For one, dinosaurs got mysteriously wiped out millions of years ago. They were around for millions of years before they got wiped out and yet they never evolved? That seems off to me. Even velociraptors were fairly smart, more so then primates. So say if some kind of reptile like human evolved from the dinosaurs millions of years ago and went underground to start a civilization just imagine how advanced they would be by now. They would have technology beyond our comprehension, so advanced it would seem magical. They could mingle among us with out our knowledge. They could change shape, walk through walls, cloak there appearance, read thoughts etc. Sounds crazy doesn't it? But just try and imagine what humans could do with technology in a million years from now. Heck even in a thousand years technology will be DRAMATICALLY more advanced then it is today. Just tryin to give ya some perspective on the situation.

Two, snake symbolism is all over the place. People from all parts of the world tell tales of reptile-like humans and snake people. Even the bible talks about the serpent quite often, in a symbolic fashion. Ever heard of Jedi Mind Tricks? Well there songs have all sorts of reptilian symbolism in it. One of the members of the group even calls himself Ikon the python or ikon the hologram. Get it? Eye Con the hologram. I don't care if you like hip-hop or not, just listen to some of there songs on youtube or something and they make it pretty obvious there either reptilians themselves or trying to expose them.

Oh and by the way, I have never seen any other things like elves or fairys etc. I'm not mentally ill, I've never heard voices or anything like that. I'm in my first year of college. However I have seen flaws in there holographic technology. Not only can reptilians shape-shift but they can also project a hologram around them so they can appear however they choose to. I've seen this projection lag at times, causing someones movement to be irradic/impossible. For example someone might be picking up a glass of water and then all of a sudden with in a fraction of a second there taking a drink out of it, I clearly see there arm skip the movement of lifting. Thats just one example. Other than that though, I've only seen reptilians shape-shift and flaws in there holographic technology.

Trust me man, I really wish I was crazy at times, it feels like I'm going crazy but its just to blatantly obvious for me to dismiss the idea. I've seen to much, read to many different things and seen to much symbolism. I don't talk to anybody about this in real life but I try to tell people on the internet. I go on with life as if nothing has happend, and mingle with reptilians daily. Theres just nothing I can do, telling someone this stuff would make them think I'm totally crazy. The reptilians foundation is so solid this way. A reptilian could change in to its full form right in front of me and I wouldn't say a word. These beings are very insidious, they try and ruin your life in a subtle fashion a little bit everyday. I know this all sounds really crazy but I don't know what to do anymore.
Hate to admit it but my reptilian theory was a sham. Like honestly its one thing to believe in aliens but to believe in shape-shifting negative beings is just totally far fetched. I got a kick outta the replies though.
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