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Default Re: The Great "HIV" Hoax

Originally Posted by Eye-Kon View Post
I went through those articles and I couldn't find any where it said that it was certain HIV could perform zoonosis. Even if you can find an article it still doesn't mean its true. I also never agreed it could perform zoonosis I just said it was a possibility. Is there actually any records of people contracting AIDS/HIV from a monkey to this day? Besides the so called introduction of AIDS? You would think other people would still be getting it from monkeys in Africa rarely if it happend once already. Oh and thanks for ignoring my information on Boyd Graves. Trying looking up the "The Special Cancer Virus Program" if you can even find anymore these days you'll see this program clearly lays out the development of AIDS and how to make essentially a contagious cancer. You'll also notice the report sugests introducing this 'cancer virus' in to the public domain through vaccinations. I'm not asking you guys to totally buy my theory, however its illogical to not even consider it. I'm not MD or scientist, but you don't have to be to read through lines.
I looked up the Special Cancer Virus Program. Interesting stuff, though I couldn't help but notice the fact that most of the pages were typical Woo type sites with very little in the way of corroborating references. I would feel more comfortable if there were at least a few mainstream sources. Its not out of the realm of possibility though, since there are at least a handful of cancers known to be caused by viruses. As for zoonosis, it is true that the SIV2 is not the most readily capable organism for crossing the species barrier, but it does happen. All it takes is one Typhoid Mary.

"Despite the frequent human exposure to SIV-infected monkeys in Africa, only 10 cross-species transmission events have been documented and only four of these have resulted in successful human-to-human transmission, generating HIV-1 group M and group O, and HIV-2 groups A and B. The closest relatives of SIVcpz (HIV-1 group N) and of SIVsm (HIV-2 groups C through G) are extremely rare, with only six HIV-1 group N-infected patients and single individuals infected by HIV-2 groups C-G."
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