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Default Re: The Earth is NOT Moving!

Me = ***

"If you go up in a helicopter in New York and hover for 4 hours and then come back down to Earth you should be in Los Angeles , not New York ( if the Earth were really rotating ).

To commence, I will refute your citations of websites on the grounds that they are HTML 1.0 sites written by nutcases who rant and rave quoting no credible sources. Do not assume because it is on the internet, it is real or even citable as a source without losing respect from people with any tangible concept of academia.

Now I shall explain why the example you provided is flawed. If you take off in a helicopter over any city, you are using the spinning blades of the helicopter to displace air in a downwards vorticical force, providing lift. It is in this air that your helicopter is remaining, it is not in an intangible space or vaccuum.

***Everything you have said or will say depends upon this incredibly goofy concept that >>

This air, too, moves around the world as the world moves around,

***Is the air velcroed to the earth? Does it adjust its alleged rotational speed every inch one proceeds from the equator to the poles?? Do clouds not move in directions contrary to the alleged rotation?? You have no proof (science) that the earth is rotating on an axis; you have a clever mathematical model based entirely on assumptions and in defiance of all observational evidence. A real scientist will stand back and take a hard look at the history of fraud in the theoretical science establishment that has erected a virtual reality universe that is derived concept for concept from the “holy book” Zohar/Kabbala of the Pharisee Religion. If you are a Pharisee, let it be known. If you aren’t then you are duped into following that religion’s anti-Bible, anti-Christ alternate “creation scenario” which has used its totally controlled “academia” as your “citable source”.

as well as having further complexity added to the scenario in the way of air currents.

A physical and immediate example you can use is, thicker stuff than air that moves slower, water (or any liquid), get a cup full of water and find a very small item that floats, say, drop a short hair in it, or a fleck of plastic, just to emulate your helicopter. Now rotate the cup, don't stir it, put the cup on a table, reach down and turn it. The object stays in a static position.

Now the physics of both of these scenarios operate for different reasons but it is a similar example with a similar measurable result.

Now stir that cup of water. Watch the object fall into the centre of it. This is another example of a different theory, but an illustration of gravity.

***Thank you for the elementary lesson. Now go study electromagnetism a little bit and explain why “gravity” (from Kabbalist Newton) which is said to have only one nine millionth the power of electromagnetism is still used to explain the universe. … Take a look at this one page of quotes showing the incredible Virtual Reality Fraud that the world is blindly following: NASA's Hanky-Panky: Virtual Reality Technology

Were our giant cup not being stirred, we would fall off. Aussietinfoilhat

***When you realize the web of deceit you’ve been drawn into (innocently, I suspect), use your talents and training to expose the Big Bang Evolutionary Paradigm. Then you’ll be doing real science…and, as a big plus, you will be in agreement with the Bible and its Author, which is a good thing, eternally speaking….
...I realized I had to gain more knowledge to protect against evil and to protect myself from not becoming evil myself. This is our major goal in life...\" Terry Lee

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