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Default Re: social architecture/ manipulation of humanity

While some video games may contain a subversive message slipped in for whatever reason, I agree that most video games are harmless entertainment feeding the same kind of passion for violence the Roman Empire had for gladiator fights. Yet, as the Romans used gladiator fights to keep the masses content with their humble fate, different sorts of entertainment are used today both for population control and indoctrination. This is especially the case for movies and the media (TV, radio, newspapers, ...). By using a certain lingo and a certain well-crafted ideological (or religious) perspective in whatever story they bring, Hollywood and media conglomerates manipulate the masses at a subconscious level. Sometimes this is done to make people buy a certain product, but more often this is used to modify the individual's view of morality, normality, justice, spirituality, etc. Social reform is most succesful when fiction and new reporting fit the social agenda of the reformers and thus a society can more easily remoulded by using this technique at nauseam. Hollywood and the global media have become tools of social engineers to subconsciously dominate a public that's under the illusion that it's free and that its government is just, freely elected by the people and not a corrupted bureaucracy serving banking and corporate interests.
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