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Default Re: G.E.Griffin. "The Capitalist Conspiracy". Best doco on the subject and highly rel

Originally Posted by Marsali View Post
You're right TB, it does sum up a lot of things. What's especially interesting is Griffin's exposure of the "pressure from above and below" tactic, which describes how the banker/Illuminti forces create chaos in the streets to sell the idea of the need of federal intervention and control, which will then lead to world government.

Perhaps this is why the media was focusing so much on the looting and other chaos after the hurricane, which made it seem, of course that federal intervention was needed.

I had a feeling that race and class prejudice weren't the real reasons why help was delayed for the suffering survivors in the superdome in N.O., because the media seemed all too eager to sell that as the reason.
Of course the Governor's and the Mayor's poor judgment and reaction didnt help either.

If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the precipitate.
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