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Default Re: Is homosexuality a part of Population control?

Basic forum error#1: "I saw this." " I saw that " I know this person."

It is called ANECDOTAL EVIDENCE. And means nothing. You don't really know what was going on inside her. And she was ONE PERSON. Yes? To throw this person up as evidence is a weak argument. Yes?

It is basically designed to fool yourself with. Please do not imagine that I am a person in YOUR head who falls for the same weak arguments. The reason you think this is evidence is because you are already convinced of your prejudices through no more reason than basic stupid hate.


Therefore any tiny weak little thing you see or think you know is all that is needed to sway your flimsy mind. Yes?

This is basic debating theory that you should know. Now you know it.

All those flimsy little events you use to sway your flimsy little mind. It's no wonder us reptiles rule you.
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