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Default Re: Six million Jews were killed as a result of the Zionists

Originally Posted by albie View Post
Bullshit vs bullshit now? It had to happen. Why are conspiracy theorists also, coincidentally, gullible people with thin legs and acne?
Why are self-proclaimed "sceptics" almost always arrogant, narrowminded and hypocritical fools who prefer to use strawman arguments and insults rather than actually discussing content?

Numerous researchers with various fields of expertise (history, chemistry, engineering, literature, ...) have proven beyond reasonable doubt that the so-called "extermination of the Jews" is nothing but war propaganda that continued to exist after WW2. If you're really interested in what actually happened, let me know....

Originally Posted by albie View Post
Save us from the Jews! Save us from Steve Guttenberg and Jeremy Piven! Save us from Harrison Ford and Stephen Speilberg!
What the **** are you talking about? This is a topic on the so-called Holocaust and not a topic on whether or not the globalist agenda is a Talmudic agenda (that's an entirely different issue dealt in great detail by psychology professor Kevin MacDonald)

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That's why girls scare you, because all girls are jews!
I'm currnently in my 5th relationship and have been with someone for about 6 years, so I can't complain about my love life, really.
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