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Default Regarding Truebeliever's "Soviet Atrocities" Thread: Satanic Communism

From the article <a href=""> The Planned Destruction of Christianity</a> (all emphasis mine./Draken)

"The historian Rene Sedillot...calculates that the [French] 'revolution', on account of the terrorism and the civil war, claimed at least 600,000 victims." Juri Lina (author; quote taken from his book <a href="">Under the Sign of the Scorpion</a>) ((NOTE: The French Revolution took place from 1789 through 1799.))
"The entire membership of the [Russian] Communist Party, which in 1918 numbered perhaps no more than 100,000, was turned into an instrument of murder. Its aims were two-fold: to inspire dread and horror among the Russian masses, and to exterminate the middle and upper classes...these people were the best that Russia had. They were the leader class. They were the priests, and lawyers, and merchants, and army officers, and university professors."

Frank L. Britton (author; quote taken from his book <a href="">Behind Communism</a>)
"Before the Bolsheviks [i.e., the Russian Communists] seized power there were 360,000 [Russian Orthodox] priests in Russia. At the end of 1919 only 40,000 remained alive."
Juri Lina (quoting author Vladimir Soloukhin; quote taken from Lina's book, Under the Sign of the Scorpion) ((Ed. Note: The above means that the Russian Communists exterminated 320,000 Orthodox priests in just two years!))

"1.7 million people were executed during the period 1918-19. A river of blood flowed through Russia... According to official Soviet reports from May 1922, 1,695,904 people were executed from January 1921 to April 1922. Among the victims were bishops, professors, doctors, [military] officers, policemen, gendarmes, lawyers, civil servants, journalists, writers, artists, nurses, workers and farmers...Their crime was 'anti-social thinking'." Juri Lina (from his book, Under the Sign of the Scorpion)

"During [Communist leader] Bela Kun's three month reign of terror [Ed. Note: in Hungary in 1919], tens of thousands of people "priests, army officers, merchants, landowners, professional people" were butchered." Frank L. Britton (from his book, Behind Communism)

"During the Spanish Civil War [Ed. Note: 1936-1939], Communists killed four thousand Catholic priests." - Richard Wurmbrand (pastor; author; quote taken from his book, <a href=">Marx & Satan</a>)


The 'common thread' in the French, Russian, Chinese, and other Communist Revolutions consists of the following:
1.) Mass terror and murder was used to:
* bring in a totalitarian police state;
* eliminate entire 'classes' of people;
* suppress all opposition to the police state.

2.) Generally speaking, Christians (more than any other religious group) were especially targeted for imprisonment, torture, and execution.

I listed relevant quotes at the beginning of this newsletter to show you the categories of people that the Communists and other assorted Socialists (such as Fascists and Nazis) targeted. In general, one can easily see that these 'Revolutionaries' wanted to immediately remove the leadership (or potential leadership) of any opposition to their 'Revolution'. In some countries (such as Russia under the Bolsheviks) the entire middle and upper classes were targeted for 'extermination'. In particular, these 'Revolutionaries' targeted: any clergy (and often their followers) who would not 'play ball' with the Revolution; military officers; writers, artists, and other intellectuals; professors and teachers; merchants; independent farmers and other landowners; etc. ((Communists seem to have a particular hatred and fear of farmers and ranchers. This is because the farmer and rancher are NOT dependent upon the 'State' for their livelihood. Soviet Communists slaughtered and starved to death MILLIONS of farmers in the Ukraine (a part of the 'former' Soviet Union).

Another group of people the Communists (and other Socialists) particularly hate and fear are the preachers, pastors, and priests (i.e., the clergy) who have the courage to oppose and speak out against the totalitarian police state. During the French Revolution, the Spanish Civil War, the Russian Revolution, and the Communist takeover of China we find the clergy being viciously tortured and murdered in LARGE numbers. And after the Communists eliminated the vast majority of the clergy who opposed them, they then infiltrated their own Communist stooges into high positions within the church. ((NOTE: A book that details Communist infiltration into the Russian Orthodox Church is entitled <a href="">How the Communists Use Religion</a> by Edgar C. Bundy 'Radio Liberty used to carry a very limited number of this book' you can call toll-free 800-544-8927 to order it.))


By a number of Reviewers of book: 'Behind Communism', we are told the book is essential for researchers. February 25, 2002 -

#1 Reviewer: Jeffrey Leach (Omaha, NE USA). Even a cursory interest in the so-called "far right" political movement will quickly turn up this little pamphlet. Behind Communism is available from a wide selection of groups, from Christian Identity to Neo-Nazi organizations. This is because the booklet addresses the main concern that all of these groups share: the Jews and their machinations. The cover is somewhat deceiving, as it shows a rather hazy image of Uncle Joe Stalin. This is surprising because the author admits that Stalin was one of the few non-Jews involved in the higher echelons of world Communism. It would seem a picture of Anna Pauker would be more appropriate, but apparently not. The booklet is written by Frank Britton and it seems to have been first published in 1951 or 1952, although my copy is not dated.

Britton starts his exegesis by examining the history of the Jews. He spends considerable space showing how their presence in Europe shaped both Christians and Jews. Christians, according to Britton, despised the Jews because of their tendency to dominate unpleasant occupations such as money lending and the like. The Jews themselves lived in self-imposed ghettos where they built up a rabid dislike of gentiles. It was from these ghettos that Communism and Zionism emerged. Britton's concern, of course, is with Communism. He sees Communism as a Jewish racial movement and that this accounts for the high percentage of Jews present in its ranks, especially at the top. Most of the pamphlet details the Russian revolution and how Jews brought about Communism. Pictures and names of prominent Jews are thrown about quite a bit. Britton points out that although Lenin wasn't a Jew, he was married to one, as was Stalin (Britton is often concerned with Jewish-Gentile marriages. He seems to feel that a Jewish bride is one step away from being a Jew.). The last section of the booklet attempts to show how Jews in America have time and again been involved in Communist plots. The Rosenbergs, Klaus Fuchs, the Hollywood Ten and others all make an appearance here. Britton finishes by listing name after name of Jews involved in Hollywood, from actors to directors to musicians.

I will say this is not the most hysterical anti-Jewish writing I've ever read. There is much worse out there. There are a few times Britton slips into slur, but most of the booklet tries to remain calm and reasoned. There are errors to be found. At one point, Britton points out that almost all of the Russian intelligentsia were Jews, due to educational preferences. Later, when discussing the Red Terror, Britton says that the Reds wiped out the entire upper class of Russia. If Communism is a Jewish movement, why would the Jewish Reds wipe out their racial comrades? Britton also says that Nicholas II was in the process of turning Russia into a constitutional monarchy when he was forced to abdicate. Everything I've read to date points to the contrary. Nicholas II was an autocrat who had no intention of giving up real power to the Duma or anyone else. Almost every attempt at reform made by the tsarist system was an abysmal failure. To credit Nicholas with this type of enlightenment is just wrong. Even if Nicholas was attempting this type of reform, it came WAY to late to do any good.

Behind Communism is an essential reference to anybody doing research on anti-Jewish groups. Reading this pamphlet alone will definitely give insights into how these people think and feel.

#2 Reviewer: The How, Why and Who of international Communism., March 2, 2003
Reviewer: Derek Pillion "OrthoByzEgypt" (Camp Hill, PA) - This stapleback pamphlet gives a summarized history of Communism, the Bolshevik/Communist Party in Russia, and Communist infiltration of American society and its institutions. The subject delineated here is the massive Jewish involvement in Communism. The author posists that the whole movement is a Jewish racial cause, with some gentile followers. BEHIND COMMUNISM is full of pictures, lists and diagrams showing who the Communists are. The top-dog Communist leaders, Lenin and Stalin are gentiles, but they were married to Jewish wives. Stalin is always portrayed as a virulent "anti-Semite" and pogromist, but he was married to the daughter of the Politiburo member Kaganovitch, and Stalin's daughter was married to Kaganovitch's son. Soviet Forign Minister Molotov's wife was also Jewish. In fact, she was the sister of Karp, owner of Karp's Import-Export Company in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

The latter part discusses the Communist Party in America, which had a disproportionate Jewish membership and whose members were highly educated professionals rather than working-class men. Many of those convicted of selling nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union were Jewish, such as the Rosenburgs. Finally the Hollywood film industry is shown as the world's leading producer of Communist propaganda. The author explains how Hollywood films are designed to cause race-hatred among black and Mexican minorities and at the same time instill whites with a sense of guilt about race relations. There are some instances where the author makes inapropriate remarks, but these are minimal. The tone is relativly balanced, maintaining a pro-Christian, pro-European viewpoint.

In all, BEHIND COMMUNISM rails against the romanticism that liberals attribute to the Russian Revoloution. When the Jewish Communists took power in Russia, all H-E-double-hockey-sticks broke loose. Tens of thousands of Christians were massacred, and five million landowners in the Ukraine were intentionally starved to death during the early 1930's to solidify Communist dominance and freedom of Religion was abolished.

Marx & Satan by Richard Wurmbrand, Paperback: 143 pages, Publisher: Living Sacrifice Book Co; (December 1, 1986) ISBN: 0891073795

The connection between Satan worship and communism, March 11, 2003
#1 Reviewer: Jill M. Heins (Lenexa, KS United States) Richard Wurmbrand's book was a revelation to me, and yet at the end I felt foolish that I hadn't seen the connection between Satanism and communism earlier.

Wurmbrand quotes Milovan Djilas, the Yugoslav communist leader, who wrote of Marx and his cohorts, "They make a semblance of believing in the ideal of socialism, in a future society without class. In reality, they believe in nothing but organized power."

The precursors to the Russian Communist party called themselves succinctly, "Hell." This Satanic parallel undoubtedly prompted Dostoyevski to write, "The Demons" and Wurmbrand successfully argues that communism is simply a front organization for Satanism.

While the Nazi passion for the occult is more well-known, the communist's lesser-known fascination with it is disturbing. Russia has a vested interest in keeping many of Marx's writings unknown--they would sound bizzare to people unaware of the demonic connection or those naive enough to buy into the class struggle argument.

Anatole France, the renowned French communist writer, was not only a Satan worshipper but had a special chair dedicated to presiding over Satanist rituals. It had horned armrests and legs covered in goat fur. This unusual chair was exhibited in Paris, but brought to Moscow. Oddly, it's not exhibited by the Russians. However, black magic rites are still practiced at Marx's tomb so it's not difficult to imagine that France's chair is still used today.

Hess taught Marx that socialism is inseparable from globalism. The communists have traditionally used race and class struggle as a crutch and are undoubtedly proud of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton's work to promote revolution for revolution's sake in the US.

Peter Verhovensky is quoted as saying, "We are already terribly powerful . . . Jurors who acquit criminals are completely ours. The District Attorney who trembles in court not to be considered liberal enough is ours. Administrators, men of letters, we are many, very many, and they don't know they belong to us."

Wurmbrand's argument is convincing and well-researched. He encourages others to delve into the connection between Satan worship and communism, and I hope a journalist takes him up on his offer.

#2 Reviewer: David Marshall (Seattle area) May 22, 2004 - This book deserves serious consideration. As a grad student in China studies, I once made the mistake of referring to Marx and Satan in the footnote of a paper for a very by-the-book scholar. He circled the title in heavy red ink and wrote in the margin with even heavier sarcasm: "Might the book have a bias?"

Richard Wurmbrand certainly did have a bias, though not the one the "one star" reviewers below accuse him of. No, this is not "anti-Semitic drivel;" Wurmbrand was himself a Jew, persecuted by the fascists for his race, who loved his people. No, he is not a "reactionary fanatic," nor does this book represent "the scarier mindscapes of the Bible Belt." Wurmbrand is actually from Romania, which is I believe some distance from Texas, and you read his many fascinating books, you will find he was actually quite thoughtful. But yes, he was biased against communism. He spent many years in slave labor camps, was tortured, and saw friends die. (A slave labor camp, I might point out, is rather a scarier place than a Southern Baptist church; tens of millions of people died in such places in the last century.)

Despite the provocative title of this book, such experiences did not render Wurmbrand bitter or unhinged. His argument here is not a vitriolic piece of ad hominem; rather it is a serious suggestion, backed up, it seems, by a fair amount of circumstantial evidence.

It is commonly argued that Marx had nothing to do with the crimes of communism. Even if Wurmbrand's central thesis does not convince you, the evidence he offers does at least show the spiritual or psychological continuity between Marx and the crimes committed in his name.

The book has its flaws, true. The evidence Wurmbrand offers is not overpowering. Wurmbrand sometimes takes phrases like "demonic fury" a little too seriously; I suspect it was often mere hyperboli. Also, he is not critical enough with his sources. Although he does not base anything on it, in one place he seems to accept the "Ritual Satanic Abuse" scam, for example.[Scam?/Draken] Finally, the book is a bit gossipy.

Still, Wurmbrand knows a great deal about communism. He seems to have read very widely in primary sources, and provides strongly suggestive quotes to back up his thesis. He shows caution at times, and is knowledgeable and thoughtful.

A few months ago I came across a dissertation in my university library entitled "The Role of Atheism in the Marxist Tradition." The author of the dissertation, a journalist named David Aikman, wrote it under the guidance of Donald Treadgold, editor of the Slavic Review and a leading historian of the Soviet Union. It was interesting to me to find that Aikman took Wurmbrand's thesis very seriously, and in his own study of Marx, Engels, and Lenin, had found additional evidence that seemed to point in the same general direction.

What did Marx and his chief disciples really believe? As Wurmbrand admits, Marx and Satan is not the final word on that question. But I think this little book does point out a set of facts that more conventional history largely ignores, and that ought to be considered; and not only as an intellectual curiosity. Wurmbrand was not an arm-chair critic, but a witness, survivor, philosopher, and passionate lover of God and man. The facts he points out, and his observations on this subject, are worth considering, if not just for their own sake, for the sake of those who died.

#3 Reviewer: "poixr" (Orem, Utah United States) - Excellent!!!, April 21, 2004
This book dives right into something that is ignored by even most critics of Marx - his satanic roots.

Marx, like Engels, both were involved in satanic teachings of "the communist rabbi" Moses Hess. He wrote a number of satanic poems. In fact, his doctoral thesis was entitled "I hate all the gods." Marx was delving into satanism long before he knew anything about economics. He had no knowledge of the plight of the working man or "proletariat" at that time.

One of the critics of this book says that it is just anti-semetic and rediculous. Interestingly, if you look at that same critic's other reviews, his other reviews are for the band T.S.O.L which is an L.A. "death rock" band which he favorably compares to early Christian Death. His other reviews are for the band "Death Church" (which he likes) and "Jesuseater."

It's pretty hard to take a guy like that serious in a review of a book about satanism and Marx.

Anyway, this book sheds quite a bit of light on the topic of Marx's turn to satanism during his school years. Marx's poetry about desiring to destroy the world and take the place of the creator is downright haunting.
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