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Default Re: What's the point of this forum section?

Originally Posted by Out of the Box View Post
What's the point of this forum section? Why is there an "alternative history" section when there already is a "history" section? This is a "conspiracy" website, right? Aren't most threads in the "history" section already dealing with a version of history that's somewhat deviant from the mainstream view?!?
There is an existing HISTORY section on Club Conspiracy and an "ALTERNATE HISTORY" section has NOW been added to the forum.

I sssume you would know the difference between both since you are a member of a conspiracy forum.

Who cares if the existing HISTORY section already includes versions that are somewhat deviant from mainstream media.

They can now be separated accordingly.

I can't imagine why it would anger you so that the ADMINSTRATOR of this forum has found it prudent to add an "Alternative History" section to the forum.

Apparently, you don't adapt to change very well.

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