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nomad wrote:
2 small problems concerning the Catholic church

1. Jesus did say that starting with the apostle
Peter he would build a church that the gates
of hell would not take down ... so where is this
church ?

The concept church in the testament refers to individuals relationship with God and not to an organization. This church is within all belivers it is not an organization though christians should meet with one another for the purpose of cultivating the fruits of the spirit and learn from one another the concept of organized religion is not part of the new testament. Salvation in the Christian sense is a one on one and not a group effort.

2. Jesus made a small request to those that
wish to truely follow him and that it to
leave EVERYTHING behind and devote all to him.

Yes indeed he said it but doing that does not save you either. it is part of the walk of a true christian He said that true christian will be reconizrd by their fruits and by there love for one another. he also said that many will be called but few will make it.

No other Christian church I know where the
priests take a vow of poverty.

true but that does not save anyone Jesus said.
many will call my name but i will not reconize them.

Anybody know any other Christian church where membership to the priesthood obliges poverty

as i mentioned before Jesus only cares for individuals. churches can be alright but they cannot save you nor make you good unto God.

I am not saying that catholics or any other christian denomination will not be saved its that where they meet can be dangerous to their spirituality because the powefs of a group are a strong force upon an individual if he is not stong in the faith he could flounder

the Word tells us that the end will not come without most of the church falling into apostasy

If you want to be a catholic or any other denomination fine, but your salvation is based on grace and not on anything you do by yourself or through any group. the gospel is simple its beliving in Jesus as the savior, ask forgivness for you sins. this will take you into a path of serving him and you will grow as much as you search for him.

The catholic church has many fine things and has done much good as well as bad but so have all of us as indivuduals. Read and search the bible on your own and don't belive anything without reading from it including what i have said to you.

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