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Default Re: Mike Rivero-Stooge Or Idiot?

I expect he is a bit of both. I have noticed some odd stuff to and his idea of blaming it on the Jews is a bit obsessive in my opinion. You know the NWO has at the top of its agenda the phasing out of Orthodox Judaism and Christianity so this guy is having a right old crack at it.

Really though there are so many people out there talking rubbish and doing the cut and paste thing. I switched off from it a long time ago when he was posting articles that were mostly using brainwashing techniques to cloud any logical thought. That I cannot stand and it puts me right off a site when they replicate lies.

Now the other thing that I have always thought about him is, how did he get into Hollywood in the first place. As I understand it they are a cliquey bunch of stooges and so he most likely has the background for being an employee of the intelligence services. Antony Sutton once remarked that he found he got a lot of criticism from popular media 'conspiracy theorists'; odd that!
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