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Default Introduction & The Vast Satanic Conspiracy

Hello. My name is obvious, but I came here to talk about the conspiracies I *know* are going on.
Perhaps a bit of background would help. I was raised in a family of Satanists (no, not the Laveyan wanna-be "Church of Satan" type) and my family, to put it mildly was sociopathic. From an early age I was exposed to animal sacrafices on the various holidays: Samhain, e.t.c, e.t.c. My family were the underground type of Satanist and devoutly believed that Satan would reward them for their vile acts.
Needless to say, as soon as I could, I got away from them. It is not as easy as it sounds. The Satanic underground do not easily allow people to leave the Coven, nor do they wish them to when they hold many secrets. Still to this day I am sure they keep tabs on me.
I can confirm that human sacrafice does happen. One must remember that we have many "throw aways" in our society, and if your a sociopath, well then you can easily find people who will serve as sacrafices.
It is a wonder I can even function after seeing them dio their deeds. I remember them once plying a young man with drugs, alcohol, e.t.c. This poor man was so intoxicated he was easily led to the cellar, where the Coven had convened. He was disrobed and laied over the altar. A knife was produced and was plunged into his chest, excising the heart from his living body. The screams were..well, they were terrible to hear. I saw the heart ripped out of his body and offered to Satan and the demons as a blood sacrafice.
The Satanist have more power then you know or could believe. The Black Magick underground is extensive, trading in drugs, women to sexually abuse in orgies, occult paraphanalia and humans to kill.

My only fear is that they will find me. I know they watch me and I can only hope by exposing them to the light of day, they will be too afraid to kill me.

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