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Default Re: Is homosexuality a part of Population control?

Originally Posted by Out of the Box View Post
You say "most gays", I say "some gays". I know several girls who showed only interest in guys until they reached the age of 15 or older and then all of a sudden changed to girls. In fact, one of them still managed to be seduced by a smooth-talking guy who got her pregnant and who would live for a few years with her after she'd declared she was lesbian and had only girlfriends for some years, then ended up as a single mother and decided she was lesbian again. Although she did have some androgynous features in her looks and behavior, her apetite for heterosexual sex was quite normal for a 16-year-old girl before she outed herself as a lesbian. I believe she's around 25 today and still a single mother.
I think gays have has a bad bringing up, and that's why they turn out weird.

Or let me make one real out there example. There is a dude I ran into who calls himself "Pamperchu". Pamperchu likes to wear a bunny suit and diapers.
The normal sexuality for males and females is hetrosexuality. I think a bad upbringing and deep psychological issues makes them that way, like Pamperchu.
Also, wether you know it or not, some are turned that way by sickos. My father and mother, both sociopaths, used to try to mess with me by making me wear girls clothes. I dunno why they tried since I am a guy..maybe it was just their underlying sadism. God only knows why I didn't become some twisted crossdresser or transsexual/transgendered wierdo.
I think gays and dudes like Pamperchu just need Jesus. If they had Jesus they'd bvecome normal and straight. Please pray for gays and wierdos like Pamperchu that Jesus will heal their damaged, sick minds.
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