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Re: the arrested 5 year old girl.

Just as I thought. A little girl that misbehaves, and when the teacher needs to discipline (without any force on the child), this child throws more than a temper tantrum.

This child was being disruptive during a math class where they were using jelly beans for add and subtract. The little girl would not let up her silliness which quickly became disruptive to other students.

The teacher asked her to stop. The little girl didn't stop. The teacher took away her jelly beans.

The little girl then took a candy dish off the teacher's desk and threw it, and grabbed crayons/markers and started messing up the walls. When the administator came in she kicked him, kicked the teacher in the shin, and continued to be physical.

What else were they supposed to do? We just had a 6 year old run from school the other day. And everybody is up in arms about school security.

This situation of the little 5 year old comes at a time when there has been a string of odd circumstances, student problems, and racial tension here in Pinellas County.

One thinks that this was inappropriate to call the police. However, if it would have been your child hit in the head with that candy dish or other object after the fact that there had been this known conduct of this little girl, I'm sure the parents would have said, "why didn't you call the authorities".

Because you know what??? Maybe not in ozland, or Tennesse, or Brazil, or wherever, BUT!!!! here in Mid to South Florida, it has become the norm to call the police in this type of situation.
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