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Default Re: Subliminal Message in TV shows and Movies both past and Present

Thank you for allowing me to interject.

FYI, you don't have to pass a CONSPIRACY THEORIST test in order to become a member of this forum.

You merely register and join.

It's not a cult.

Everyone doesn't have to believe as I or you do in order to become member and post here.

That said.

All members of this forum are not conspiracy theorists and, even if they were, this wouldn't insure that they would accept as fact everything and anything that is posted by another member on this forum.


Thank goodness for that.


I am a victim/survivor of MKULTRA/Project Monarch; a trauma-based mind control program sponsored by the CIA and I have encountered RESISTANCE every step of the way by members of this forum since I first joined in 2005 and it's a CONSPIRACY FORUM.

Resistance is everywhere and, as you said, everything is open to interpretation; therefore, your message will attract many interpretations that are in direct contrast to the information that you present and desire others to accept as truth.

You must accept the fact that everyone is ENTITLED TO THEIR OWN OPINION and that these opinions will be different from your own.

In this respect, when your message is met with resistance, you must persevere.

If there weren't any resistance, this would indicate that the members of this forum were void of FREE WILL and this brings me back to the subject of MIND CONTROL.

People don't just open their mouths and swallow everything whole.

They take small bites; they chew slowly and digest.

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