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Default Re: Real Atlantis Story Suppressed?

Originally Posted by EireEngineer View Post
I love the old line about the "myterious" stone moving abilities of ancient peoples. The same arguments were used for the guy that built Coral Castle. Is it any wonder that peoples who had only stone for use as a building material gained expertise in its employment? And is it any wonder that as technology improved and materials changed, that these techniques were lost due to obsolescence?
Not really. What is bizarre, however, is the amazing precision of some of these constructions, the intricate use of hidden entrances and/or their allignment with certain stars (for astrological purposes). I'm thinking first and foremost of the Gizah pyramid but also of certain constructions in South-America (like Tihuanacu) or other parts of the world.

Other historical anomalies are traces of the coca plant in remnants from ancient Egypt, traces of black and white people in pre-Columbian South-America, traces of white people in pre-Marco Polo Tibet and Mongolia, the similarity between complex building methods of Romans and South-American cultures, the parallels between Vedic philosophy and both astronomy and quantum physics, knowledge of Sirius B by the Dogon tribe, etc. There are a lot of anarchronistic anomalies for which traditional archeology and historical research have no answer yet.

Originally Posted by EireEngineer View Post
There does not need to be a magical font of knowledge for this to be true, and in my opinion it is the more likely alternative.
I'm not questioning the ancient Egyptians or Mayas had advanced building techniques that were lost. I'm questioning the supposition that these building techniques were orriginal rather than borrowed from an older more advanced civilisation. If only we had a fraction of insight in all the wisdom and knowledge once stored in the library of Alexandria.....
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