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Default Re: Subliminal Message in TV shows and Movies both past and Present

>>I am a bit confused. Well…let me take that back. You all are a bit confused. First off, you are on a conspiracy website, which means the stories on here are of the second nature, which means all topics are discussed and all possibilities are open for interpretation. As for your comment about “were we looking for dumbasses to preach too”. No…dumbasses are who they are; people with closed minds, I let them be who they are.

Closed minds? How much time do you think conspiracy nuts put into debunking their theories? None. That's why it is SO easy to defeat their arguments. So WHO has the closed mind? Me who comes here and looks at the evidence then judges it, or someone who types into google "New daft conspiracy theory" and sits there taking it all in and not even once thinking "Hey, I wonder if this is true, maybe I should check it a bit."

They don't think that. YOU probably have not thought that. So WHO has the closed mind?
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