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Default Re: Subliminal Message in TV shows and Movies both past and Present

Originally Posted by albie View Post
>>don't be mad people are noticing, your the ones who put it out for people to see and connect the dots.

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH. Oh, so WE put it out then thought "SHIT! we better go on obscure little forums and repudiate it all! Before mister Gary Gygax sees it! What fools we were for being to blatant!"

Why would they tell you about their plans? How is that a conspiracy?

Dis info? Yes, logic is disinfo to people who actually CRAVE conspiracy to be true. You'd be disappointed if it was proven there was no conspiracy. You WANT them to be true.

That's why you can't bear to look at the debunking sites. )))))))
I would love you to show me these debunking websites you speak of.

and lets see all these illuminati T.V. spots get debunked!

personally, i have not seen SHIT debunked by any supposed debunker.

look who the supposed debunkers link to, what are they promoting?, whos their affiliation?

exactly, that's what i've seen, shills that's it
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