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Default Re: 73,000 AMERICAN DEAD

Ahh...anecdotal evidence....the purest kind. True that they do delay releasing casualty information, or lie about the extent of the casualties, when there is a controversial situation, like a "Friendly Fire" incident. When I hit a landmine in Bosnia things were certainly covered up while the investigation went on, since my unit had proofed this road the day before. Part of the reason that coverups like this happen, though, is that people outside the military have little, if any, understanding about the nature of warfighting. In the fog of war all manner of calamities can befall the soldier, from friendly fire to poor intel. Combat is an inherently dangerous business, and no matter what level of training you have nor and high tech gear they may issue, people get killed for the stupidest reasons. Then, because of the media reaction, yes, sometimes they have to lie to the press while they figure out just why Pvt Johnson had a gun stuck down his pants.
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