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Default Re: Subliminal Message in TV shows and Movies both past and Present

here's one for Albie

the elite put out a message in a movie, basicly telling the whole planet that the big conspiracy is true, and the sheeple view it as entertainment LOLOL

I love how they put reality out there for you to see it and you ACCEPT IT! you paid MONEY to go watch it! I love how after watching this, even though it is so simply right in front of your eyes, THE PLOT IS SPELLED OUT FOR YOU IN THIS CLIP, you will deny, and find excuses to believe in your fake government or your fake perpetuated religion and god LOLOL

in case you missed it, there is something that flickrs onto the screen for a split second in one spot. 0:52. lol i really like seeing them deny, and make excuses after watching and listening to this clip.

there is something else very mysterious and eerie, can anyone else here find the mysterious images in this video?

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